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Steps To Green Card Through PERM Labor Certification

Following is a summary of the process and the average time required to complete a PERM based immigration petition. DOL refers to U.S. Department of Labor. CIS refers to U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.

Step 1 Employer files the PERM petition with the DOL. The purpose of the PERM filing is to request DOL certify that there are no qualified U.S. workers available for the position. (3-9 months)
Step 2 Employer files the Immigration Petition (I-140 filing) with the CIS. The purpose of the I-140 filing is to show that Employer has offered a full-time permanent job to the foreign national, and the foreign national qualifies for the job. (2-8 months)
Step 3 Foreign national files Adjustment of Status Application (I-485 filing) with the CIS. The purpose of the I-485 filing is to adjust foreign national's status from non-immigrant (temporary) visa to immigrant (permanent) visa. (6-24 months)

Family members of the foreign national can do the I-485 filing as dependents. Anyone who has an I-485 pending can also apply for work permit (I-765 filing) and travel permit (I-131 filing). With CIS approved work permit and travel permit, foreign nationals can work in the U.S. and travel abroad and re-enter U.S.

There is a numerical limitation (annual visa number) for employment-based immigration application. Currently, there is a severe retrogression in third employment-based visa application - for a position that requires less than a master’s degree, the foreign national usually has to wait for 2-3 years before they can do the I-485 filing (when a visa number is available).

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